Hospital Courtyard Transformed into a Playful Retreat

Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital

Houston, TX


Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital

Wolf Park is a themed playground in the courtyard of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital. Designed to as a loving memorial to Jack Wolf, IV who was born and cared for at this hospital, it provides a playful respite to hospital patients and their families. GameTime worked closely with the landscape architect and the hospital to preserve the natural plantings and trees in the courtyard. These natural elements provide shade and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the space. The play area includes a GFRC tree house as well as logs and climbers for children to explore and uses a combination of poured-in-place rubber surfacing and engineered wood fiber. 


Integrate Play into the Healing Process
  • Designed a naturalized play area within the hospital courtyard
  • Incorporate natural trees and plantings into the design
  • Create realistic play sculptures that blend with the environment
  • Offer a wide range of climbing, balancing, sliding and discovery play
  • Utilize a combination of safety surfacing to promote accessibility