Virginia Tech

Improving Campus Quality of Life

Blacksburg, Virginia


Outdoor Fitness Opportunities for Students and Faculty

Viriginia Tech is a thriving and dynamic college in Blacksburg, Virginia. The campus recreation team is continually looking for ways to enhance the college experience and improve quality of life for students, faculty and the surrounding community. We worked with the team at Virginia Tech to create an outdoor fitness space that accommodates users of all skill levels. The THRIVE 900 fitness system provides 20 training stations that can be used by multiple users at once, and each station is adaptable for users of varying strengths and abilities. We also included a custom trapeze trainer for additional and advanced training. 

The students, faculty and sports teams now utilize this outdoor fitness space as part of their training and conditioning. The addition of the outdoor space has also freed up space in the indoor facilities and made it possible for more people to enjoy the campus recreation amenities provided by Virigina Tech.


Create a Space for Everyone
  • Provide outdoor fitness space to encourage more frequent usage and for longer periods
  • Create options for varying levels of skill and ability
  • Include training stations for advanced users and team conditioning
  • Ensure multiple people can exercise at the same time
  • Enhance campus quality of life for everyone on and off campus