Smithsonian National Zoo

Playful Pollinators

Washington, DC


Educating Families in a Playful Way

Me and the Bee is a multigenerational education and play experience at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC. GameTime designed and installed the project, including the giant flower garden, bee climbers, honeycomb steppers, hollow logs, giant trees and much more. Children can explore the habitat of a bee and learn about their role in the environment from educational signage as they climb, explore and play throughout the expansive custom play space.


Attention to Detail
  • Create a play space that was larger than life, but still lifelike
  • Get the details right and demonstrate how bees live and interact with the environment
  • Give children an opportunity to learn about bees and their habitat
  • Make learning a fun and active experience
  • Encourage children and adults to play together