Ahoy! Custom Play Adventures Off the Starboard Side!

Family Place

Logan, Utah


Explore the Playful Seas

The pirate-ship themed playground at Family Place encourages children to imagine a world beyond the mountains of Utah, where the open sea offers new beginnings and a world of adventure. It's a fitting metaphor. Family Place is a safe harbor, itself, a place where children come to find emotional healing from painful and uncertain circumstances. This beautiful play space is part of the organization's therapeutic effort to restore light and hope to young lives, and to prepare them for what's next in their life.


Climb! Explore! Imagine!
  • Create opportunities for children to engage in social, imaginative play
  • Utilize themed GFRC sculptures to create a WOW factor
  • Include a wide range of climbers, slides and swings to appeal a broad range of ages and play styles
  • Incorporate Expression Swings to encourage trust-building and emotional bonding between children and counselors