Custom, Volcano-Themed Inclusive Playground

Kade's Playground

Herculaneum, MO


Taking Inclusive Play to New Heights

GameTime brought an eruption of play to Herculaneum, Missouri. The city wanted to pay tribute to its sister city in Italy by replicating Mt. Vesuvius.  This signature, destination play space sparks a love for adventure, creates memories for children and families and promotes active play for children of all abilities.  

The project was designed using the guidelines found in Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design™. It includes a custom, accesible volcano climber, ramped play structure, plenty of integrated shade and lots of ground level and accessible games and interactive panels. The entire playground features poured rubber surfacing for maximum accessibility throughout the play area. 

Key features: Inclusion, Accessible, Wheelchair Access, ADA friendly surfacing, Universal Design


An Inclusive Playground Unlike Any Other

Herculaneum came to GameTime with a big goal. "Create an inclusive playground unlike anything anyone has ever seen," they asked. "Build us a volcano that is accessible by children of all abilities. Make it a playful centerpiece of the playground."

The artists and engineers of our custom play division, PlayWorx, rose to the challenge with a lifelike replica of Mount Vesuvius complete with lava flows and a lava slide. They also created an accessible route around and into the volcano so that children of all abilities could explore and enjoy the same play experience.