Honey Bee Themed Park

Lendrum Park

Edmonton, Alberta


Honey Bee Themed Park

Alberta is Canada's largest producer of honey, and the city of Edmonton has more beekeepers than any other Canadian city. That's why the community wanted the new playground at Lendrum Park to be abuzz with children. Here you'll see children exploring a custom Honey Bee Tree, tunneling through a Bee Hive or running along the custom poured rubber surfacing that looks like honey spilling all over the ground. If you're looking for ways to make your community's history and culture stick, Playworx can help you create a sweet place to play!


Combining Historic Culture with Interactive Play!
  • Create a Honey Bee themed playground
  • Include customized features such as slides, climbers, and swings that resemble the bees habitat.
  • Design custom GFRC sculpted bees, bee hives, and other nature aspects
  • Incorporate surfacing that looks like honey