Outdoor Gym Equipment - Color Options

Outdoor Fitness in Living Color

Available Worldwide


Full Body Workouts in Full Color

GameTime offers all of our outdoor fitness equipment in our full selection of vibrant colors. No matter the color scheme of your park, playground, or recreation area, you can order GTfit, THRIVE, and all of our outdoor gym equipment to complement your space. Choose from our standard metal and plastic colors to create the perfect outdoor fitness area for your community. 


Personalize Your Workout Space

Just as our full range of outdoor fitness products helps you create a custom outdoor gym to meet the needs of your community, our color options give you the ability to personalize the space.

  • Match or complement your school or organization brand or colors
  • Use natural colors to blend with the outdoor environment 
  • Use colors to denote the types of exercises each product group provides (i.e. aerobic, balance, muscle strength, etc.)