Bruns Academy

Bruns Academy Challenge Course

Charlotte, NC


Accept the Challenge

Bruns Academy is an intermediate school in Charlotte, North Carolina. The school's fourth and fifth graders were beginning to outgrow the traditional playground. Teachers and coaches wanted a new space that encouraged physical activity for the older students but still met the standards for playground equipment. The answer was Challenge Course Youth.

The Challenge Course Youth 3000 was the right fit for the space and budget at Bruns Academy. Installed in about 3,000 square feet with affordable engineered wood fiber (EWF) surfacing, the course is a fun, competitive and social space for all students. It's an important part of the school's physical education program, as well.


  • Create a space that encourages physical activity
  • Attract older students to participate in outdoor play 
  • Offer an alternative to traditional physical education classes
  • Provide sports team training