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ShadowPlay® Flower

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ShadowPlay®️ Flower is a fun, imaginative ground-level play activity that allows children of all abilities to capture the sun's light and create playful shadows on the ground below. Vibrant acrylic panels are attached to a rotating upright, 12 feet above the ground. As a user turns the handle near the base of the upright, the panels rotate, casting a rainbow of colors below. ShadowPlay® Flower provides a wide range of sensory, cognitive and motor skill benefits, while adding aesthetic beauty to your park or playground.



  • Playful art activity that inspires imaginations
  • Promotes gross motor skills, enhances sensory and cognitive development
  • Vibrant acrylic panels case colorful shadows along the ground as users turn the handle
  • Ground-level, inclusive play that is accessible and ADA compliant
  • The flower spins in an outward motion and provides an enchanting visual shadow play experience on the ground. 
  • The shadows on the ground change in shape due to the outward spinning motion of the acrylic panels and the angle of the sun.
More Information
Age Ranges 5 to 12 Years
Weight 636 lbs (288 kg)

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