Synthetic Turf

Low maintenance, impact attenuating, natural looking safety surface

Natural Look, No Watering Required

GT Impax Synthetic Turf is manufactured to provide an attenuating, durable, natural-looking surface under GameTime's industry-leading play structures. The product is designed to bring the look of nature to your play environment while providing compliant impact attenuation.

GT Impax offers multiple turf options in a variety of weights and blade heights, each designed for various purposes and functionality. All GT Impax Turf features a SilverBack™ system lining for optimal blade resilience. GT Impax strongly recommends infill to maintain the system’s integrity. Adequately installed turf offers efficient drainage, impact absorption, durability and accessibility to promote play for all.

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  • Drains quickly after rainfall for quicker return to play
  • Natural look and feel provides visual appeal
  • Low maintenance – no watering or mowing!
  • EnviroFill infill with Microban® provides antimicrobial protection, is non-toxic, and will support the system’s integrity after installation
  • Cooler surface temperature compared to other surfaces

Basic Specifications

  • GT Impax Turf systems include turf with SilverBack™ system lining installed over a porous, closed-cell, attenuating layer customized to meet your space’s critical fall height
  • Systems approved for fall heights up to 12 feet over compacted aggregate or 11 feet over concrete
  • Infill is recommended and required to uphold warranty
  • Available in 40/55/60 ounce options; more available upon request
  • Turf is delivered in 15" rolls
  • Meets all applicable ASTM standards


  • Routine raking is recommended to distribute infill and discourage blade compaction
  • Use turf to create themed or branded recreational surfaces - ask your GT Impax representative about custom designs and logos


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