Recycled Rubber Tiles

Low Maintenance, Long Wear, and Accessible Surfacing

We offer a full selection of tiles to meet your site-specific needs, including Interlocking Tiles and Standard Tiles (individually glued to sub-base).  Both tile types are available in your choice of pigmented rubber top or EPDM top. Rubber tiles offer superior shock absorption, low maintenance, long wear, and accessibility. They are also perfect for indoor applications in addition to outdoor since there is no on site mixing required.

Our Standard Tile utilizes adhesive to firmly lock each tile into place. We also offer an Interlocking Tile, which utilizes a patent pending, locking edge to reduce lateral shift, corner lift, and strain on tiles. Brightly colored EPDM topped tiles are also available, which offer a broader range of colors and increased durability.


  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Interlocking tiles help ensure installation accuracy and security over time
  • Easy to repair -- only the damaged tile needs to be removed and replaced
  • Highly accessible surfacing option

Basic Specifications

  • Solid colors and multi-colored tiles
  • Various thicknesses for your playground’s fall height
  • Sub-base should be concrete, asphalt, or compacted subbase aggregate with suitable drainage

Color Options

Pigmented Rubber Tile Colors

EPDM Rubber Tile Colors