Recycled Loose Fill Rubber

Colorful, loose fill rubber chunks with excellent impact absorption

Soft, Colorful, Fun

GT Impax Loose Fill Rubber Surfacing is comprised of a unique rubber granule that offers the best impact absorbing properties of all loose-fill surfacing options. GT Impax offers an assortment of lively colors to complement any playground theme perfectly. 

GT Impax Loose Fill Rubber will not attract insects or animals. With proper drainage, the chunks dry quickly and will not freeze in colder temperatures.

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  • High impact attenuation ratings
  • Rubber chunks do not decompose, requiring lower maintenance and replacement compared to other loose fill options
  • Mold, animal and insect resistant
  • Soft-touch, splinter free

Basic Specifications

  • Rubber chunks comprised of 100% recycled tire rubber
  • Clean, non-toxic and does not leach into ground water
  • Wire-free, having a metal content of less than .01%
  • Most playground installations utilize six inches of loose fill rubber


  • Use wear mat inserts under swings and at end of slide exits to reduce displacement
  • Containment systems like curbs will reduce the spread of surfacing into non-play spaces
  • Raking is required to maintain compliant depths
  • Adequate drainage is an important preventative measure for best functionality


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