Engineered Wood Fiber

An affordable surface solution that meets ASTM guidelines

Created By Nature, Engineered By GT Impax

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is a popular choice for budget-conscious playgrounds. While affordable, Engineered Wood Fiber will require ongoing maintenance and occasional topping off during its lifetime. This maintenance will help uphold the recommended compacted material depth, thus keeping the surface compliant with applicable standards and warranty. 

Newly installed Engineered Wood Fiber settles to form a “knitted” compacted layer that will support a variety of mobility devices. The product is non-toxic and does not contain paint, chemicals or additives.

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  • Economical initial cost
  • Meets accessibility standards when compacted and maintained
  • Provides a natural look

Basic Specifications

  • Manufactured of size-controlled softwoods and/or hardwoods that average 1”-2” in length and contain a maximum of 15% fine particles to aid in knitting
  • Non-toxic and does not contain paint, chemicals or additives
  • Contains minimal bark and is free of twigs, leaf debris and other organic material. This product meets all applicable ASTM standards. For more information, please refer to our complete product specification.


  • Use wear mat inserts under swings and at the end of slides to reduce displacement
  • Containment systems like curbs will reduce the spread of surfacing into non-play spaces
  • Geotextile fabric and geocomposite drainage accessories are recommended for best performance
  • Providing adequate drainage is an important preventative measure to avoid freezing in sudden climate change


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