Playful Landscapes

Change the Landscape of Play

We know children love to climb hills. When children climb hills, mounds, and other natural objects they develop their physical, cognitive, and motor skills. Hill climbing enhances spatial awareness, and it’s a lot of fun! The problem is, not every park or playground has hills to climb, so children miss out on this important play activity. Playful Landscapes™ can help! 

Add Hills to Any Playground  

Playful Landscapes Mesas and Dunes are preconfigured hills you assemble on site. Their  patent-pending design make it easy to add one or  more hills for children to climb and explore. Our  LockTech™ framework takes all the guesswork out of the process, with the precise installation you’ve come to expect from GameTime products. 

The Playful Landscapes Advantage

GameTime's patent-pending approach to adding hills to a playground is completely new! You can design your Playspace using CAD files for all of our Dunes and Mesas. They ship with detailed assembly instructions for fast, precise installation, and everything is covered by a GameTime warranty.

Playground Hills That Are Easy, Fast, and Precise

Easy to Design

Only GameTime makes it possible to add climbing hills to your playground design from the beginning! Our preconfigured Mesas and Dunes can be added to CAD drawings and Sketchup files to help you visualize the completed play space.

Fast Assembly

There's no need to bring in a general contractor or heavy earth-moving equipment. With Playful Landscapes' patent-pending LockTech™ framework, you assemble and install your Mesas or Dunes quickly on site. You can even integrate additional climbers into your hills!

Precise Installation

LockTech™ makes it fast and easy to design and install Playful Landscapes, and it also ensures precision. We've taken the guesswork out of building playground hills, and we back them with a GameTime warranty.

Playful Landscape Mesas

Our large pre-configured climbing hills are three feet tall and provide over 200 square feet of play space. The challenging 45º slope makes them fun and challenging for children of all ages. Available with integrated climbers for more climbing adventures!

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Playful Landscapes Dunes

Dunes are smaller than our Mesa collection, but they still pack a lot of fun! Perfect for compact spaces or for adding multiple hills in a small space, Dunes are two feet tall with a slope of 38.5º. They're also available with integrated climbers.

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Custom Designs

Looking for something different? Want to incorporate the natural topography or build hillside slides? We have you covered! Book some time with our Landmark Design team.

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