Playground Surfaces

Impact Absorbent Accessible Surfacing

Surfacing Choices, Made Easy

Peace of Mind

An important step in creating a safer play space is selecting the right surfacing solution. Surfacing products from GT Impax are engineered to work with GameTime play systems and are matched to the specifications required for adequate safety surfacing, including the correct calculation of play equipment fall heights. Our products are certified to meet all applicable ASTM standards, including F1292 for impact attenuation and F1951 for wheelchair accessibility.

Unmatched Options

GT Impax provides maximum flexibility and a wide range of options. Create a nature-inspired setting with the natural look of grass or inspire a child’s imagination with vivid colors and complex patterns. No matter the need, budget or application, GameTime offers a comprehensive selection of compliant surfacing that will make your playground a signature play destination.  We also carry a complete line of compatible drainage systems, geotextile fabric, wear mats, containment curbing, and accessible ramps.

Superior Support

Our network of experienced representatives and certified installers will ensure your project is installed correctly, on budget, and on time. When you choose GameTime, you can order surfacing as part of a turnkey playground project, saving you time, money and avoiding hassles.

Aquatic Surfacing

Designed to enhance play in water environments, Aquatic Surfacing is fungus static so it won’t harbor icky stuff and will hold up in harsh high-chlorine environments. It can even be fully submerged under water.
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Engineered Wood Fiber

Engineered wood fiber is a popular choice for projects with initial budget constraints.
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Engineered Wood Fiber Playground Surface

Poured in Place Rubber

A popular unitary surface choice, Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber is one of  the best surfaces for ADA accessibility.
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Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surface

Recycled Bonded Rubber

Using larger rubber particles than Poured, GT Impax Bonded Rubber is an attractive, seamless surface that uses clean recycled shredded rubber tires.
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Recycled Bonded Rubber Playground Surface

Recycled Loose Fill Rubber

Made from 100% clean, recycled tire material, these resilient rubber chunks offer the best impact absorbing properties of all loose fill surfaces.
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Recycled Loose Fill Rubber Playground Surfacing

Recycled Rubber Tiles

We offer a full selection of tiles to meet your site-specific needs, including Interlocking Tiles and Standard Tiles.
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Recycled Rubber Tiles Playground Surfacing


Synthetic Grass brings the look of nature to your play environment.
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Synthetic Grass Turf Playground Surfacing