VRPS Promotes Play Training & Funding Initiative

Turning Research Into Practice Across the State of Virginia

VRPS, PlayCore, and GameTime are aligning resources and strategically partnering to support and promote VRPS’s use of parks and recreation opportunities, education, and resources. The goals of the initiative are:

  • Execute statewide professional development events to encourage best practice design considerations for healthy play
  • Deploy research and data collection to demonstrate VRPS as an essential contributor to improving the quality of life of families in Virginia
  • Provide matching funding to assist high quality projects in each of the five regions to create outdoor recreation spaces that align with research-based best practices
  • Publish white papers and other advocacy and communication tools to further champion play and recreation initiatives

PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research & Education, in partnership with their GameTime brand, will provide statewide professional development services and up to $1.5 million in matching funds to assist parks in the VRPS regions install a pre-approved play and recreation project that promotes best practices. These projects will serve as National Demonstration Sites (NDS) by aligning research-based best practices to create high quality play and recreation environments.

These projects will assist in data collection and outcomes sharing that will result in a publication of a White Paper that will be shared with VRPS and their members. National Demonstration Sites promote advocacy at the community and state levels, and collectively will provide resources that align with the mission and strategic plan of VRPS.

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Advocate and Apply

1.5 Million Dollars in Funding Available

GameTime is awarding funds to agencies across the state of Virginia to help build play and recreation projects that support healthy communities. Complete the funding application and write a 1,000 – 2,000-word essay to describe your community playground needs and expected outcomes. Two communities from each region will receive up to 100% matching funds toward the purchase of a new playground. Funds are also available for eligible Adult Outdoor Fitness packages and Challenge Courses. Completed applications and essays must be submitted by May 16, 2018.

Process and Deadlines

Up to 100% Matching Funds for Play Systems

Communities who are awarded funds as part of the VRPS Statewide initiative can apply their funding award toward the purchase of PowerScape, PrimeTime and IONiX play systems.

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Up to $20,000 in Funds for Challenge Course

Create a multigenerational fitness destination in your parks with Challenge Course. VRPS Statewide Initiative funds can be applied to the purchase of Challenge Course Pro or Youth Series.

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Up to $5,000 in Funds for Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Help adults in your community stay more active and achieve their health and wellness goals. VRPS Statewide Initiative funds can be applied to these Outdoor Fitness Packages.

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