Your Playground Equipment Experts in Quebec

With over 25 years of expertise in designing play areas, team Tessier Récréo Park developed a great capacity for innovation.

We have completed over 4000 projects recreational areas , divided in municipalities (parks, towns and villages), schools, child care and early childhood centers (CPE) in Quebec. We have created custom playground with custom themes to help them to stand out and offer more to their clients.

Through our partnerships with leading manufacturers of play equipment , we operate endless combinations of game components. This is what allows us to develop unique play areas on the market. Well-designed and exclusive designs to your project, with the same budget. We love it!

Our committed team of professionals assists you in all stages of your project, through a simple process that allows you to make the best choices, those who entertain children for a long time. Contact us for more information.

Our Staff

Your Local Playground Equipment Experts

Serving Quebec

MARTINE CLOUTIER: Executive Director
ANNIE BRASSARD: techn Support Manager. / project manager
MARIE-FRANCE TESSIER: Dev Manager. Business and Management
MICHEL PILOTTE: Manager Install. / Road / Factory
LUC GADOURY: Sales Representative
PASCAL FOREST: techn Support. Equip.recreational
SOPHIE PROVENCHER: techn Support. Equip.recreational
NICOLAS MARCHAND: techn Support. Equip.recreational
MARYSE CLOUTIER: Project Manager - Equipment.aquatic
SOPHIE PELLETIER: techn Support. Equip. water
MARTINE GERVAIS: techn Support. Urban furniture
SYLVIE DEMERS: techn Support. Accounting and admin.
MARJORIE LEMAY: techn Support. Serv. After sales
ARLETTE MAILLY: Head - Dep. Facilities ext.
HELEN PAGE: Head - Dep. shopping
MICHELLE MAILLOUX: Oper Support. and technical administration and purchases
MICHEL MAILLETTE: Responsible -Dép. Transport
DENIS COURCHESNE: Oper Support. Road / Install.
DOMINIC HOULE: Oper Support. Shipping / Route / Install.
MICHEL CINQ-MARS: Oper Support. Shipping / Route / Install.
ROBERT DUMONT: Oper Support. Shipping / Route / Install.
ANDRÉANNE RABY: Graphics Support
CHARLES-ANDRÉ TESSIER: Operational and technical support
ANNE-MARIE ST-ANDRÉ: Operational and technical support (Sales & adm.)
KARINE FORTIN: Technical Support (Water Facilities)
ANAÏS CAMPOS: Support development