Swing4EveryBODY Campaign

Foundations for Universal Friendships

Join a Movement that Moves Play Forward!

The National Association of Park Foundations has teamed up with PlayCore and GameTime to bring inclusive swing combos to parks across America. This is an opportunity for your community to make any park or playground a more inclusive place for children and families of all abilites.


The Foundations

Your local park foundation is a catalyst for community change, and now you can be at the forefront of an inclusive play movement that promotes social change, as well. We are looking for 25 participating parks foundations that are ready to make a positive impact in the community.

The Swings

PlayCore and GameTime have developed swing combos that promote social interaction between children of all abilities, children with parents and/or grandparents or siblings whose lives are enriched through swinging play. Our goal is to bring 25 of these swing combos to communities across the country.

The Impact

A single park foundation serving a community with as few as 30,000 people could draw in as many as 300,000 people from surrounding communities. A review of community parks foundations and the neighboring communities they serve show this campaign could bring social, inclusive play to as many as 25 million people. 

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Swing for EveryBody Campaign

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