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We at SiteLines pride ourselves on being your full-service, one-stop supplier of equipment and services for all aspects of your park and playground projects. In addition to the fine products offered by our many manufacturers, we are pleased to offer the following services to make your project run smoothly. We've built and installed playgrounds in Alaska and Washington, serving cities from Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Olympia. We're your go-to playgroud equipment providers in the Pacific Northwest.

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Our Staff

Your Local Playground Equipment Experts

Serving Alaska, Washington, and Oregon


Gary Max, President (The Big Cheese) – Gary has been in the playground business next to forever & has owned and operated SiteLines since 1991. Gary is by far one of the most knowledgeable guys in the biz. He’s also responsible for some GameTime component designs such as the Patented DNA Climber and he also sits on the GameTime Product Development team for new products.

Gary covers King County, Eastern Washington, Alaska, and any remaining areas on the globe that promise a fishing trip. Gary will seriously fly anywhere in the world if you promise him a fishing trip. He’s installed more playgrounds in not only the impossible to get to locations in Alaska like Golovin (go ahead, Google it) but he’s even installed playgrounds in Tashkent Uzbekistan, Chengdu China, Taipei Taiwan, Manila Philippines & yes even Cameroon Africa! 

Gary is a hard man to get a hold of since he’s always traveling, it’s easier to ask him what countries he hasn’t been to then to list the ones he has. When he is in the office he’s burning the candle at both ends staying into the late hours and if you can’t get him right away call the office and any one of us can guide you in the right direction! 

Lindsey Erwin, Inside Sales – Lindsey is your girl if you want a playground in the South Sound, SW Washington or the Olympic Peninsula. She is a local University of Washington grad (GO DAWGS) and has hobbies in ballet, book clubs and traveling. Lindsey is no stranger to PTA’s as she is currently president of her son’s PTA and use to chair fundraising, so if you need any playground fund raising ideas she knows them all. She is conveniently located in Tacoma, so give her a call on her cell and she’ll Cha Cha Muldowney her way to your location in her TuTu for a site visit. 

Emiko Stewart, Inside Sales & Estimating – Emi brings years and years of experience to SiteLines for inside sales & customer service. Everyone thinks her name is Amy but it’s actually Emiko, she’ll answer to Emi, hey you, or Customer Service Goddess.

If she sounds so youthful on the phone that because she is our resident leap-year baby, that’s right, she’s still just a teenager! Emi loves fishing, boating, golfing and traveling to Hawaii any chance she gets.

When she’s not forcing her husband to drive 40 miles to Din Tai Fung in Seattle to eat the best dumplings in the world we love it when she makes the office Chicken Lettuce Wraps.


Customer Service

Sandy Burleson, Inside Sales & Media Coordination –Sandy's not only our longest employed co-worker having been here since 1996, but she’s a whirlwind when she's in. With nerves (and calves) of steel, she’s the friendly voice of SiteLines. 

She does inside sales, tradeshows, mailings and pretty much anything else we ask her to do. Sandy loves her free time traveling the world, fishing on their “A Yacht of Fun”, skiing or flipping houses.

None of us could image working at SiteLines without her, she’s by far the hardest working employee and she’s our rock!

MaryAnn Hinze, Order Management – Maryann has been with SiteLines since 2005 juggling order entry, installation scheduling, Equipment & Surfacing deliveries, discrepancies and ordering old playground parts that no one else wants to research. 

When she’s not at work she loves to lead her daughter's Girl Scout Troop, travel to all the scenic parts of Washington and Oregon, and she’s a diehard Oregon Ducks & Seahawk fan through and through. If you know what’s good for you don’t bother her on Wednesday’s as it’s GameTime Generation day and steer clear of her in the spring as it’s Girl Scout Cookie Season, she’s a pusher!

Andrew Max, Inside Sales & Estimating – Estimator extraordinaire: Andrew is fairly new to SiteLines, but he’s been in the biz his entire life as Gary Max is his father. Andrew is the guy you call if you’re a contractor- he’ll get your site furnishings, Surfacing & playground estimates out to you lickety-split. Andrew comes to us with a vast background in world travel having lived in China, been to Turkey, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Mexico & Canada. Most notably he’s been to Tashkent, Uzbekistan & Cameroon, Africa installing playgrounds with his dad!



Shawna Birkett, Playground Layout/CAD/Graphic Design –Shawna has been with SiteLines since 2003 and is our Senior CAD Designer. She’s created more playgrounds in the Northwest then she can remember. However, her favorites are Lake Sammamish State Park, Lake Tye in Monroe, Bradley Lake in Puyallup & Cuddy Park in Anchorage.

With a quick wit and a quicker trigger finger, Shawna juggles playground layout, proposal support for the outside sales staff & Marketing Design. Her background is in Graphic Design and she see’s everything in imaginary grids, beware a crooked frame or anything off-center in her presence or it will make her eye twitch.

When she's not juggling all of Gary’s mission-critical projects she's usually planning her next vacation

Adam Basich, Playground Layout/CAD/Graphic Design –The newest designer on our team, Adam comes to us from a background in Illustration, Graphic Design, Web Development, and Bartending. While new to the playground design role he’s found the most fulfilling career role he’s ever had…At least that what he keeps telling us.


Office Administration

Kathy Max, Chief Financial Officer – When Kathy's not showing her Champion Bernese Mountain dogs or traveling the world in search of the next winning puppy, she's working from home. Kathy is the CFO for SiteLines and rarely works in the office, so Julia Saunders can usually answer any questions you have.

Julia Saunders, Office Manager – Everyone loves Julia, she’s our Mom, the voice of reason and most importantly the woman in charge of our paychecks! She is our in-house resident athlete, don’t let her soft voice fool you she can out bike anyone and run circles around you up and down the stairs at the local stadium. If you need help with anything money related she’s the keeper of the counting house and responsible for A/R, A/P, cash flow, taxes, contract management, insurance, H.R.

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