GT Sensors

Play for All

GT Sensors provide visual, auditory and tactile stimulation as children climb, play and explore. Available in 20” and 12” sizes, and single and double-sided configurations, GT Sensors transform a playground into a sensory play experience.

You can add GT Sensors to the new Sensory Wave Climber, the new Sensory Wave Ramp, or old playground favorite, the Rock 'N Raft!

Auditory Sensors

GT Sensors include a wide variety of auditory options. JamBox, Piano, and Wave Sound can include an adaptive switch which allows individuals with limited upper body or fine motor control the ability to activate these sensors.

Tactile Sensors

Adding tactile sensory experiences to the playground is vital to helping children grow more familiar with the world around them. Tactile sensors help tune fine motor skills and guide children through the world.

Visual Sensors

From games like Pachinko and Twist Ballm to fun mirrors and colors, these visual sensors will keep kids of abilities entertained.