Planning Tool // Strong Foundations™ Surfacing

Planning Playground Surfaces

Choosing the right playground surfacing is essential for developing a compliant outdoor play and recreation environment. Strong Foundations is a useful resource to help you make the right decisions when it comes to planning, purchasing, and protecting your playground surfacing investment.

Learn From Safety Surfacing Case Studies

This comprehensive guidebook includes case examples with features and benefits of different types of safety surfaces. It also explores how playground safety surfacing can enhance play value and add additional activities and accessibility for parks and playgrounds.

A Wealth of Resources

The guide includes planning checklists, resources, and inspection tools. These resources will help simplify the selection process, guide you through the installation process, and provide insights to properly maintain your surfacing. Strong Foundations is a thorough and thoughtful review of the need for safety surfacing and a collection of tools to help you choose the right surfacing for your project.

Topics in Guidebook

Some of the topics included in this guidebook are:

  • Surfacing standards
  • Types of surfacing
  • Planning, purchasing & protecting
  • Play value
  • Installation & maintenance
  • Inspection checklist
  • Budget planning