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Since the company's founding in June 2000, we have been committed to developing solutions that solve our clients' greatest challenges and demystify grants management. Our grant professionals provide customized services that help clients throughout the application preparation phase of the grant life cycle. We provide grant writing, training and coaching, peer review, and custom research for projects. Our customized approach allows you to work with our team of grant professionals to receive grant writing support or develop a package of services that fit your needs and budget.

Grant Writing

We work with your organization at all stages of the grant writing process, from initial consultation to final draft, helping to produce a top-quality application and increase your cash reserves.

Peer Review

We facilitate the proposal process by providing in-depth analysis of your application, ensuring that you cover all your application bases.

Customized Service Package

We offer flexible services to provide you with funding opportunity analysis, technical assistance, and/or one-on-one coaching – a customized service package that fits your needs.

Our grant experts offer grant assistance at all levels: finding grant opportunities relevant to your needs, peer review and writing assistance, and training seminars to develop your grants team. Whether you need assistance in one or multiple areas of the grants process, our team can help your team win.

About eCivis:

eCivis is the leading cloud-based grants management system in the nation for local governments and other organizations. Our innovative solutions address both programmatic and fiscal grant funding requirements throughout the grant lifecycle, helping clients easily overcome the challenges and heavy workload that come with finding and managing grants. Organizations rely on eCivis to identify appropriate grants, submit strong applications, and efficiently manage awarded grants while dramatically reducing their administrative costs. To learn more about eCivis, visit the eCivis website at