Natural Playground and Outdoor Fitness Park in Graham, North Carolina

Graham Regional Park Natural Playground and Challenge Course

Graham, NC


Natural Playground and Outdoor Fitness Park

This natural playground and outdoor fitness park is a true recreational destination for all generations. Located in Graham, North Carolina, which is nestled less than an hour from both the Piedmond Triad and Triangle Areas of the state, this park is not only beautiful, but perfectly functional.

The natural playground includes custom PlayWorx sculptures for kdis to climb on, like a rock sculpture and log crawl-through tube. It has fun spiral slides and a natural-looking roof with recycled wood panels called Timbers. Kids can play on the hill-side slides. The EWF, or engineered wood fiber (like woodchips and mulch), surfacing provides both an affordable and easily maintained safety surfacing option, while also blending into the wooded park surroundings.

Just a few meters away from the playground is a true multi-generational fitness park called the Challenge Course, with obstacles similar to what contestants on America Ninja Warrior have to face. The whole community can compete on the course to see who can get through each obstacle the fastest.

The outdoor fitness park and natural playground are circled by a greenway, so parents and adults can exercise while kids enjoy the playground. 


A True Multigenerational Play and Fitness Destination for Triad and Triangle Residents

Goals of this project include:

  • Blending the natural playground neatly into surround forest
  • Providing a green way for running, walking, and roller skating
  • Offering a fun family outdoor fitness park by building an obstacle course called the Challenge Course
  • Helping the community stay active, fit, and happy