Explore Hoover

An Inclusive Play Destination

Hoover, Alabama


For Us, By Us

There's a saying among families who have loved ones with special needs, "for us, by us." Simply put, if you are going to create something with accommodations for accessibility or for people with special needs, include those people in the design and planning processes. That's precisely the approach the city of Hoover, Alabama took when creating the state's largest inclusive playground. The 15,000-square-foot playground and 7,000-square-foot splash pad are part of a two-year project with the goal of universal access and design to provide play and recreation opportunities to people of all ages and abilities.


A Place for Everyone
  • Provide custom and accessible play amenities for people of all ages and abilities
  • Create a sensory-rich play environment using color cues for various play areas
  • Include accessible amenities like seating, shade, charging stations, and inclusive restrooms
  • Address all seven principles of inclusive playground design
  • Provide play experiences that meet the needs of the whole child and every child