Byers Elementary/Greenville Park

Challenge Course at Byers Elementary in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC


Accept the Challenge

The Challenge Course at Byers Elementary serves the older students who have outgrown a traditional playground, as well as the community at large. As part of a public-private partnership between the school and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Parks and Recreation Department, the course is also part of adjacent Greenville Park. By providing the course to the public, Byers Elementary created a fun fitness destination for children and families throughout the neighborhood. They also created a school amenity that encourages students to be more physically active, to compete with one another in a friendly way and to develop physical skills and strength for a lifetime.


  • Provide fun, physical activity for older students
  • Create an alternative to traditional physical education programs
  • Offer a community-wide resource for family recreation
  • Develop a unique fitness destination for all generations