Inspired Design

Inspired Design that Inspires Imagination

When we designed PowerScape 3D, we scoured the globe and looked to our natural surroundings for inspiration to create a play system that has a unique energy. The layered HDPE and punched steel panels provide a new dimension of tactile feedback, making the entire play structure a play activity that inspires children to reconnect with the natural world.

Entry Archways

In the Greek isles we discovered instances of beautiful stone archways created by the continual flow of water across the surface and through crevasses. The curved lines and flowing water inspired the look of our new entryways and archways that likewise direct traffic flow to and from the play system quickly and efficiently.

Coral Climber

Along the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, miles of underwater structures grow up from the ocean floor in an elaborate living colony. Our new Coral Climber is inspired by this remarkable oceanic ecosystem and appears to grow from the ground like an exoskeleton of stony corals. Its HDPE panels and metal frame are rigid, durable and a challenging way to access the play system.

Decorative Panels

In the rainforests of South America we discovered plants and trees with foliage that seemed to camouflage every creature who lived within its branches and leaves. We found bold, rich colors and intricate patterns in the petals and stems that inspired us to wrap our bridges, decks and stairs in a cloak of punched steel and HDPE that looks like a living, growing organism.

Shadow Tree Roofs

We looked up into the tree canopy of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and watched as the sunlight filtered through the leaves and cast dancing, playful shadows along the forest floor. Then we designed a series of roofs that provided just the right amount of shade to make the playground comfortable without eliminating the benefits of natural light.

Color Your World

PowerScape 3D takes advantage of GameTime's vibrant color pallete in a big way. Select one of our standard color palettes, or combine metal, plastic and HDPE colors to create a custom palette of your own. Want a shock of color on the playground to attract attention? Splash some red HDPE against yellow punched steel for a serious visual punch! Interested in designing a system that blends with the natural environment? Combine our forest tones of green and brown. Or match the play system to your school colors, the seaside, a field of wildflowers or anything else you can imagine. With the unique combination of colors and materials, PowerScape 3D is a wonderland of color that cannot be equaled!