Playground Swings

Playground Swings in all Shapes and Sizes

Playground swings are a staple of any play area. Kids and adults have enjoyed the pure, fun sensation of flight playground swings offer. Here at GameTime, we've dreamed up tons of swing options, from the industry first adult-child swing, featuring both the toddler swing seat and the adult swing seat face-to-face, to the arch swing, with a round swing seat for multiple kids to enjoy.

Check out some of our most popular options for playground swings.

Expression Swing

Expression Swing is the only patented playground Swing designed to promote intergenerational play in which can adult and child interact face to face and eye to eye.

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Arch Swing

​The Arch Swing is a fun and accessible way to add playground swings to your play area. The wide seating area accommodates up to five children and is constructed of durable steel with a soft rubber bumper.

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