December 16, 2019

The National Demonstration Site Network

Turn Research Into Practice

Many of our customer's parks and playgrounds are recognized by PlayCore as National Demonstration Sites. Two frequent questions we receive are "What is a National Demonstration Site?" and "How can my community benefit from having a National Demonstration Site?" It's all about creating places that address the needs of a community with research-based designs and identifying the long-term positive impact on the community. 

National Demonstration Sites are created using best practice research in five areas: inclusive play, playful pathways, nature-based play, outdoor fitness for adults, and physical activity for children.


The National Demonstration Site Program was developed by PlayCore to recognize communities who turn research into practice in five areas: inclusive play, trail-based play, naturalized recreation spaces, outdoor fitness for adults, and youth physical activity. High quality recreation environments play a critical role in promoting community health. Research indicates when stakeholders are engaged in the planning process, evidence-based design principles are implemented with the built environments, and supplemental programming is offered to further enhance user experiences, positive outcomes occur. 

Grand opening of a GameTime National Demonstration Site playground in California


PlayCore's Center for Outreach, Research and Education (CORE) leads the National Demonstration Site Network as an important effort for raising national awareness and helping local communities share the positive impact they make on community health and wellness. The initiative is also important for convening a network of community leaders committed to sharing insights, information and reporting outcomes. National Demonstration Sites illustrate community vitality across a variety of influences, including social-emotional, environmental, health, community engagement, public services and educational opportunities.

National Demonstration Site Benefits

Intentionally aligning to National Demonstration Site design criteria ensures your community can maximize the value of your investment by implementing scholarly best practice research to activate meaningful play and recreation spaces.

Recognition and Advocacy

  • Complimentary signage installed at your site to commend your leadership, create awareness, and fuel advocacy efforts
  • Marketing toolkit to promote your site to the public and maximize data collection engagement with visitors
  • Recognition on the National Demonstration Site map, an online resource to help others find meaningful play and recreation spaces in their community
  • PlayCore National Demonstration Site project of excellence award for display

Data Collection and Outcomes Sharing

  • Participation in ongoing data collection and reporting to demonstrate community outcomes
  • On-site signage with research QR code directing visitors to share their experiences and report usage patterns

Network Engagement

  • Opportunity to network with other National Demonstration Site communities
  • Learn from and share outcomes with other champions in your area of recognition

If you want to learn more about National Demonstration Sites or how your community can create a space based on best practice research, contact a GameTime representative in your neighborhood.