January 21, 2020

Outdoor Adult Fitness National Demonstration Sites

Workout, Outdoors

Research demonstrates that Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks provide a variety of meaningful outcomes to communities and can serve as critical health solutions by offering new ways to make physical activity more available, accessible, affordable, and enjoyable.

PlayCore partnered with Dr. Michael Suk, Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery at Geisinger Health System; Dr. Gary Liguori, Dean of College of Health Sciences, University of Rhode Island; and Dr. Thom McKenzie, Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University to develop evidence-based guidelines for meaningful outdoor adult fitness destinations.

This designation recognizes communities that advocate for and utilize Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks as critical health solutions for improving health and overall wellness through a well-rounded workout and reduce sedentary lifestyles. Adult Fitness National Demonstration Sites align to health benefits and total body fitness that offer users of all levels a well-rounded workout. Together, these elements can help people adhere to routines that develop overall health and wellness, and engage participants in substantially more moderate to vigorous physical activity.

The Outdoor Adult Fitness Guide helps communities design, program and sustain effective fitness parks for adults of all fitness levels. Request your copy from a GameTime representative in your neighborhood.


Meeting NDS Best Practice Requirements

  • Identify user groups, location/context, site-specific amenities, and programming opportunities.

  • Select a design typology that meets the space requirements, usage goals, and site-specific needs.

  • Offer a variety of aerobic, muscle/strength, core, balance, and flexibility equipment to provide a well-rounded fitness routine.
  • Adhere to safety and industry standards in regards to surfacing, accessibility, signage, and equipment configuration.

If you're ready to help your community achieve its health and wellness goals, and want to create a fitness space based on best practice research, contact the GameTime fitness expert in your neighborhood.