August 27, 2020

Good News: In Parks!™ Episode 4 Recap

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Good News: In Parks!™ 004

A Plan For Progress
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Ideas and Best Practices Shared on This Episode

  • Use park facilities as alternative learning sites for community schools with supervised learning, WiFi, and other resources for students
  • Provide day care and childcare at recreation centers in vulnerable neighborhoods
  • Provide daily meals for children and families, safe spaces for indigent citizens
  • Create virtual content for people who aren't yet comfortable with in-person recreation
  • Use parks as community gardens and farms to produce food for families in need 
  • Invest in technology and train staff members to utilize virtual learning tools so they can teach parents and children, as well
  • Partner with neighboring communities to create a task force to plan for schools, parks, city services in a unified way
  • Expand community outreach to better understand the diverse and changing needs of families
  • Plan to use virtual meetings in the future to gain more input from the community now and after the pandemic is over
  • Develop a parks and recreation app for contactless government- communicate more effectively, receive feedback, provide online registrations, etc.
  • Work with all levels of government to leverage resources efficiently, seek out additional funding, coordinate efforts at local, state, and federal levels
  • Partner with foundations and local businesses to provide offsite recreation, e-learning, and camp programs
  • Identify and communicate needs so local residents can help with donations, volunteer time, and durable goods
  • Explore ways to combine positions, increase volunteer opportunities to maintain staffing and provide consistent services

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