July 02, 2019

GameTime Announces Inclusive Play System Sale

Play For All
Pay Far Less

Through August 13, 2019, GameTime is offering tremendous savings on inclusive play systems. There are nine systems available and each is designed to provide meaningful and equal play opportunities for people of all abilities.

"We specifically selected inclusive play components which encourage social interaction and physical activity, as well as enhancement of cognitive and developmental skills for children of all abilities," said Kent Callison, Inclusive Play Champion with GameTime. "Bringing inclusive play to your community makes a statement about your commitment to equality and acceptance, and it ensures every person has a chance to enjoy the benefits of play."

Each of the systems was designed using the research found in Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design from PlayCore and Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities - the definitive guidebook for creating inclusive play spaces for people of all abilities. Each also meets eligibility requirements for National Demonstration Site (NDS) designation for Inclusive Play. The NDS program was established by PlayCore to recognize communities who develop outdoor play and recreation spaces based on research and evidence-based best practices in the areas of inclusion, physical activity, and nature-based play. 

Learn more about this exciting opportunity at gametime.com/promotions/inclusion-sale or contact the GameTime inclusive play expert in your neighborhood at 800-235-2440.