Kansas Statewide Education and Funding Initiative

KRPA Promotes Play and Recreation Statewide Funding and Training Initiative – Round 2

Parks are essential to creating healthier, happier societies across generations. This interactive education symposium is designed to fuel your community’s passion for play and recreation, empower stakeholders to become champions for high-quality outdoor play and recreation environments, and meet the diverse needs of children, families, and communities in these modern times. KRPA, PlayCore, and GameTime have partnered in a collaborative effort to improve the quality of life in communities through a statewide healthy play initiative. Attendees will be inspired by these leadership case examples, outcomes, and the strategies deployed to creatively engage community members and develop partnerships. The content, resources, and hands-on learning activities will offer new strategies and insight on ways to effectively champion key initiatives, increase physical activity, promote inclusion, support nature engagement, and address play value to effectively impact child development. Parks and recreation are critical to building viable communities. Join us to share your vision, build your case, and turn research into practice.


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Goals of the KRPA Statewide Initiative

Provide Professional Development Events

Broaden the knowledge base across the state

Presented by PlayCore master trainers, these CEU workshops cover important topics such as designing inclusive play and recreation spaces, creating nature-infused and trail-based play environments, encouraging greater physical activity for children and promoting health and wellness for older teens and adults. 

Deploy Research and Outcomes Tracking

Set the standard and improve quality of life

By gaining a better understanding of how parks are used across the state of Kansas, KRPA agencies can adjust programming and usage to better serve children and families and have a greater impact on quality of life.

Develop Shared-Use Ventures

Align parks, schools and health partners

Bringing together the right partners means sharing services and increasing social capital in the process. Working as a team, we can make Kansas a happier, healthier place to live, work and play!

Provide Matching Funds Assistance

Put research into action

GameTime is awarding matching funds to qualifying agencies who submit applications after attending a KRPA statewide initiative event. Your application will include an essay that describes your community playground needs and desired outcomes. 

KRPA Statewide Initiative Timeline
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Master Trainer - Jennie Sumrell, M.Ed

Director of Education: Programs, Partnerships & Professional Development

Jennie has worked with children and families of all abilities for nearly ten years. Her formal training and experience in early childhood education, exceptional learning, special education, and assistive technology allow her to have a meaningful influence on program and product development. Jennie is responsible for programs and partnerships that help build communities through play and she leads PlayCore’s community outreach providing continuing education to professionals across the country.

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Lunch and Educational Resources Provided

Each educational event includes lunch and all educational materials covered in the session, including research and evidence-based guidebooks and curriculum from leading play researchers and universities.

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Accreditation and CEUs

Educational resources, continuing education certificates and lunch/refreshments will be provided at no cost. CEUs will be provided through PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research & Education. Learners receiving CEUs must meet the criteria for participation and achievement of learning objectives. Please see registration pages for complete agenda and specifics on CEUs, or contact core@playcore.com

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Professional Development Learning Objectives
GameTime Funding Initiative Submit Your Funding Application

Up to 100% Matching Funds for Play Systems

Communities who are awarded funds as part of the KRPA Statewide Initiative can apply their funding award toward the purchase of PowerScape, PrimeTime, Xscape and IONiX play systems.

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Additional Funds for Challenge Course Available

Create a multigenerational fitness destination in your parks with Challenge Course. KRPA Statewide Initiative funds can be applied to the purchase of Challenge Course Pro Series.

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Up to $12,000 in Funds for Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Help adults in your community stay more active and achieve their health and wellness goals. KRPA Statewide Initiative funds can be applied to these Outdoor Fitness Packages.

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