GTfit Base Series

Create a Unique Outdoor Fitness Solution

Since 1929, GameTime has been committed to creating recreation areas that get people moving. We leveraged our play research and engineering expertise to create some of the first commercially-available outdoor fitness products in the 1980's with Parcourse® and led the development of adult fitness trails and fitness parks with iTrack®.

GTfit Base Series outdoor fitness equipment is a fun and flexible way to create fitness areas for adults in your community. GTfit Base Series approach groups a selection of strength, endurance or core fitness equipment adjacent to a playground. Parents can enjoy a full body workout while their children are playing on the playground. GameTime designs the outdoor fitness area with clear site lines to the playground equipment so parents and children can easily see one another.

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Mix and Match to Create a Unique Fitness Solution

With several fitness stations to choose from, you can create a GTfit area that is perfectly suited for your community's health and wellness goals. GTfit offers endurance equipment that offers low-impact aerobic workouts, strength equipment that utilizes your own body weight for resistance and cross-training options that provide a challenge to take your workout to the next level.

Browse GTfit Base Series Products