Contact Your Local Parks Department About Expression Swing

Find Your Local Parks Department Contact Informatio

Find Your Local Parks Department Contact Information

People in communities across the country have contacted their local parks and recreation departments asking about Expression Swing. If there isn't an Expression Swing in a park near you, let your local parks department know that you would like to see one there.

The easiest way to identify your local parks and recreation department is with an online search. Enter the name of your city and state followed by "parks and recreation department."


What Do I Say?

When contacting your local parks department, ask if they've seen Expression Swing online or in another park. Ask them if they have plans to install Expression Swing in a park near you. Ask what you can do to help raise awareness or increase interest in adding Expression Swing to your local park. Invite them to visit to learn more or to request a quote from a GameTime representative who lives in your neighborhood.

Above all, remember that your local parks department wants to make every park a great place for the people of your community. Your local park director may have a specific maintenance or installation schedule that may not include an Expression Swing right now. Thank her or him for their time and know that your call matters!

My Parks Department Doesn't Have Funds for Expression Swing...Now what?

There are a variety of ways you can take the ball and promote a grass roots effort to fund an expression swing for your community. It is often people just like yourself that help bring new play opportunities to a park, school, or recreation center. With Expression Swing, its easier than ever! Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  1. Be sure the park is willing to follow through if you are able to raise funds. 
  2. Know how much space you will need at the park. GameTime offers four different ways to add Expression Swing to your park or playground. You can order an Expression Swing and install it on an existing swing frame, choose Expression Swing with our Solo Swing Frame, use an “Add-A-Bay” option to extend a current swing set to accommodate a new Expression Swing, or install a dual-swing option that allows you to install two Expression Swings in the same swing bay. Each option requires a minimum footprint, so email to get the measurements for your desired option, get pricing, and find out the specific requirements for each so you can be sure your park can accommodate the space needed. Your GameTime contact can even provide you with renderings, and you can use the photos and videos linked at the end of this document to help in your fundraising efforts. Remember, funders love to see what they are paying for!
  3. Next, determine how you want to raise the money needed. Often the fastest way is by a grass roots fundraising effort. Bake sales, rummage sales, door to door donation requests, car washes, and similar efforts can often be all that is needed. Remember, Expression Swings are a very affordable option for a park. They cost only a fraction of an entire playground, so it’s possible to raise the funds needed very quickly! One community raised all the money necessary with a single pizza dinner! Ask for volunteers to help, and be sure to keep the public, especially your donors, informed about your progress. Don’t forget to ask local businesses for help, its entirely possible that one generous donation can fund the entire swing. Online donation sites like are an easy way to crowdsource your funding efforts.

If fundraising isn’t the right path for you, consider applying for grants. Since Expression Swing promotes childhood development, are inclusive, and don’t require a huge investment, there are a wide range of potential grants that may apply. Start by downloading our grant funding guide at Here are a few tips that you can use to help encourage funders to invest in your project:

  • Expression Swing allows parents and preschool aged children to swing face to face, creating a fun experience for both.
  • The exclusive, patented two-seat design positions adult and child at eye level. This promotes early childhood attunement - so critical for preschool aged children.
  • Expression swing is inclusive, the toddler seat helps all support preschool aged children comfortably.
  • Expression swing promotes vestibular input, one of the core elements of sensory integration therapy for children with special needs. Early vestibular development is important for all children. A well-developed vestibular sense promotes confidence during movement activities, even if feet are off the ground.  It helps children to start and stop movement activities calmly and with control, and feel balanced and centered. When this occurs, the eyes can move smoothly and steadily and are able to focus, track, and discriminate between objects in our environment.

For more tips, fundraising ideas, and Expression Swing benefits and photos, go to You can also watch or share the Expression Swing video. If you have more questions, email us at