Communication Panels

Expand the Language of Play

Support Inclusive Communication

Promote inclusion and make it easy for everyone to join the conversation on the playground with GameTime's Communication Panels. We partnered with Boardmaker®, the leader in visual communication tools, to create a panel that makes it easy for everyone to communicate on the playground. These highly-recognizable symbols are used by millions of people the world over to facilitate inclusive communication. 

Visitors can use the panel to identify the area or activity they want to experience, or describe how they are feeling to their peers. Communication Panel is available for PowerScape play systems or as a freestanding sign. 


USSAAC More than 2-million children and adults in the United States utilize AAC devices like Boardmaker signs and cards to enhance their language skills and communication with others.
National Institutes of Health Research shows using augmentative and alternative communication methods improves speech development. 89% of people who use AAC improved their speech skills.
Autism Speaks Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) can benefit people with autism of all ages by promoting independence, expanding communication, and increasing social interactions.
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Boardmaker is Built-In

We partnered with Boardmaker to make our Communication Panels. Boardmaker is the leader in Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Boardmaker symbols are easy to read, but they are very powerful tools. For more than four decades, Boardmaker PCS has been instrumental in education, communication, access, and social/emotional learning. 

ASL Included

Many people who use Boardmaker and AAC devices also rely on American Sign Language (ASL). On our double-sided Communication Panels, we've included 35 common ASL gestures to make it easier for people to communicate with one another. This is also a great way to introduce children of all abilities to using ASL and raise inclusive awareness during play.

Visibility and Durability

All symbols are printed in high-contrast colors to make them easy to see and read. The Communication Panels are made from durable high pressure laminate (HPL) that's weather-resistant and easy to clean. Our panels, signs, and hardware are built to last and backed by the industry's leading warranty for years of inclusive communication.

Freestanding Sign

Our large freestanding sign includes a set of 35 Boardmaker PCS and a full English alphabet to make communication fun and easy for everyone. 

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PowerScape Panel - Above Deck

Double-sided panel includes 35 Boardmaker PCS on one side and 35 common ASL symbols on the other. This is a great way to add inclusive communication throughout your play structure.

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PowerScape Panel - Below Deck

Add ground-level communication and socialization to your PowerScape play system. This double-sided panel features 35 Boardmarker PCS on one side and 35 ASL symbols on the other.

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