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Outdoor Obstacle Courses for Every Generation

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses

Challenge Course by GameTime® is an outdoor obstacle course and outdoor fitness experience for children, adults, and families. Our preconfigured obstacle courses make it fast and easy to select a course that fits your space and budget. You can also design your own course by choosing from more than a dozen obstacles.

Customize Your Obstacle Course Experience

GameTime offers additional amenities like precision timing systems and a 40-yard dash to make your Challenge Course a professional experience. You can choose from multiple surfacing options like synthetic turf, poured-in-placed rubber, or engineered wood fiber. Add benches, shades, and other amenities to complete your obstacle course destination.


Shalya Woodson, Parent My 10-year-old daughter loves to run the course. My 15-year-old son always wants to bring his friends so they can race each other. My husband and I even run the course. It's such a fun way to spend time with our entire family together.
Wyatt T., age 13 It's awesome that my whole class can be out here competing like its American Ninja Warrior. I love this course!
Rachel Abelson, Minneapolis, MN I use the Challenge Course in our park as part of my training for obstacle course races. It's the most fun I have ever had training!
Petra R., age 13 I love this course! It's great for being active and to help me train. It's just like the ninja warrior course.
Kris Lofthus - Recreation and Community Services Director, City of Suisun City The Challenge Course at Heritage Park attracts people of all ages from all over the county. It's a place where everyone can play together.
Only With Challenge Course by GameTime

Multi-generational Recreation

Fun, physical activity for every generation

From young children in elementary school to older teens and adults, there is something for everyone and every fitness level with Challenge Course. Only GameTime offers both a Youth and Pro series to make sure your outdoor obstacle course is compliant with standards for different age ranges, and Challenge Course is a fitness destination that everyone in the family can enjoy together.

Choose a Course or Design Your Own

Create the course that's just right for you

GameTime has pre-designed courses in both Youth and Pro series that fit within 3,000-5,000 square feet. If you want a course that is smaller or larger, you can select any combination of Challenge Course components to create the perfect fit for your community. Sky is the limit when it comes to colors! Mix and match more than 15 color options to make your outdoor obstacle course as unique as the people competing on it!

Professional-Grade Timing Systems

Make your mark on the leaderboard

When you add an optional timing system to your Challenge Course things get really interesting! We use the same systems used by FINRA, NCAA and other athletic organizations to provide accurate timing for your course. Users press and hold the button before they begin. The scoreboard signals when to start with a sequence of LED lights. When you complete the obstacle course, press the button at the finish line to display your time on the board.

The Healthier Social Network

Create a community gathering space

Challenge Course is a community centerpiece that attracts people from all walks of life. It encourages social interaction and builds social capital. Create a vibrant, healthy and active outdoor obstacle course that introduces people to physical fitness and to one another.

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Challenge Course Pro

Challenge Course Pro is designed for users age 13 and up, and it's the perfect way for teens and adults to enjoy a fun, social and competitive fitness experience. Add an outdoor obstacle course to your park, middle/high school or university for fitness classes, sports training and community wellness.

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Challenge Course Youth

Designed to meet the playground equipment standards for children ages 5 to 12, Challenge Course Youth offers the same obstacles as the Pro series at a smaller scale. Take school recess to the next level, or create an exciting obstacle course fitness experience for older children at your local park. 

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Surfacing Options

Choose from three GT Impax surfacing options for your Challenge Course outdoor obstacle course: affordable engineered wood fiber (EWF), highly accessible poured rubber or professional-grade synthetic turf.

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