GTfit Advanced Series

Moving Fitness Forward

GTfit Advanced Series products combine high quality, durable products with research from industry-leading professionals to create a flexible outdoor fitness solution for your community. 

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Designed for Every Adult

GTfit Advanced Series products are designed to look like products you might find in a professional health club. The clean lines and gentle curves make the products inviting to new users. Moreover, we used advanced anthropometrics and ergonomics to design the seats, hand grips, pedals and handles to create a comfortable exercise experience for adults of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Instructional Signage and Videos

Each GTfit Advanced Series product includes usage instructions on the product itself, or on an adjacent sign. Each product also features a QR code that users can scan with their smartphone to view instructional videos that show proper form, options to adapt the workout to their own fitness level and more.

Going Beyond Accessibility 

With five different accessible products, the Advanced Series provides a wide range of options for creating fitness parks that appeal to users of all abilities. Our accessible products allow people in mobility devices to exercise alongside friends and family and can be combined with any of our Advanced Series products to create a truly inclusive fitness park.

Options for Well-Rounded Fitness

GTfit Advanced Series has a full range of products that promote aerobic, muscle strength, core strength, and balance and flexibility. Combine products from different fitness elements to create a multi-discipline fitness area. Many products feature different heights, grip positions or configurations to create a progression of exercises that continually challenge users.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Fitness Park

The perfect outdoor fitness park is one that’s the right fit for your community. Whether you are adding a few products along a walking path or designing a dedicated fitness park, we can help you select the right mix of products to provide all four elements of a well-rounded fitness routine.

Advanced Series Benefit Chart

Select the right GTfit products to create a fitness park that provides a well-rounded fitness program.

denotes the PRIMARY fitness element for this product.
denotes a secondary fitness element.

We also offer pre-configured fitness packages for a wide range of budgets and space requirements. Each provide all four elements of a well-rounded fitness program, including accessible options.