Your Playground Equipment Experts in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Oregon, and Northern California

MRC was established in 1978.  In the last 35+ years, we have become one of the leading park and recreation equipment suppliers in North America.  We specialize in designing, selling & installing GameTime playground equipment and various other park & recreation products to customers in New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, California & Oregon.  We provide a fully turn-key service, including supply and installation of all of our products.


We represent more than 20 manufacturers of park & playground equipment.  Our relationship with such a wide range of manufacturers makes us a fantastic resource for our customers.

Full Time Staff

Our full time staff work diligently to assist our customers with any questions or concerns they may have about their park and recreation project.  We can be reached by phone or email.

Certified Designers

Our CPSI certified park & recreation designers work with you at your location to assist you in designing the park or playground of your dreams.  They are experts in the field of building fun!

Our Staff

Your Local Playground Equipment Experts

Serving New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Northern California, and Oregon

Jim Marturano


Bob Valvano
President, Desso DLW Sales


Brian Gates
Vice President of Sales


Phyllis Diehl
Office Manager


Keith Davis
NJ Sales/Field Sales Manager


Mike Nowak
NJ Design Professional


Linda Culliton
NY Design Professional


Andre Bertrand
NY Design Professional


John Graziano
NY Design Professional


Fred Druck
NY Design Professional


JoAnn Thomas
NY Design Professional


Russ Horrocks
PA/NJ Design Professional


Travis Armes
New England Sales Manager


Leo Seavey
CA Design Professional


Doris Harpain
CA Design Professional


Lauren Nowak
NJ Design Professional


Diann Zingler
Order Entry Department


Jackie Miller
Project Manager / CAD


Ani Francese
Project Manager / CAD


Megan Griffith
3D Renderings


Jamie Lyons
Admin. Assistant / Mailroom


Donald Cooper
Bid Sales / Design Consultant


Megan Kerr
Bid Sales / Design Consultant


Matt Miller
Director of Marketing & PR


Helene Dorato
Customer Service Rep.


Donna Bacharach
Order Entry Department


Doreen Sembler
Customer Service Rep.


Elizabeth Sack
Project Manager


Cathy Troger
Sales Assistant


Susan Finnegan
Sales Assistant


Denise Harm
Sales Assistant


Sarah Hunt
Bid Sales


Brian Killmeier
CFI Technical Sales


Kelly Oakes
CA Design Professional


Martha Rainey
OR Design Professional