Boundless Playgrounds

Boundless Playgrounds is the first national nonprofit dedicated to building inclusive playgrounds that allow children with and without disabilities the opportunity to play together in an accessible and nurturing play environment.   Boundless Playgrounds builds playgrounds that, through their unique designs, allow children of all abilities to gain the intellectual, physical, and social developmental benefits of play.

Boundless Possibilities

As the industry’s leading expert in inclusive play, GameTime is proud to be an industry preferred partner with Boundless Playgrounds and share their mission to build inclusive playgrounds where people of all ages and abilities can learn, play, and have fun side-by-side. On a Boundless Playground, children develop an acceptance of individuals of all abilities and can reach their highest potential.  

Fun for Everyone

Play should be easily attainable for all children. Working together with Boundless Playgrounds, we can make sure that play environments are usable by more people to the greatest extent possible.  We embrace a world where all children can play together as and helping communities make their dreams become a reality.

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