Play On!

Play On SHAPE America

Evidence-Based Playground Activities Promoting Physical Activity & Fitness Through Active Play

The purpose of Play On! is to promote physical fitness and fun through the use of well-designed outdoor play environments and creative playground learning activities.

The 125 standards-based playground activities, combined with playgrounds aligned to six key elements of play, promote overall fitness and are highly effective tools for maximizing one of your community’s greatest assets - playgrounds! PlayCore is proud to partner with physical activity experts SHAPE America to provide a valid solution to creating healthy bodies through active play.

Play On! program includes:

  • Play On! curriculum guidebook: 125 standards-based playground activities for grades PreK-5
  • Assessment worksheets and equipment lists
  • National Standards of Physical Activity alignment matrix
  • Safety, implementation, inclusion, and teaching strategies
  • Design strategies
  • Funding resources
  • Playground environments aligned with Play On! activities and design strategies to promote higher levels of physical activity
  • Professional development training module
  • The Play On! National Demonstration Site program, national recognition and press exposure for sites that implement use of the program through the use of six elements of play to promote youth fitness

Through a research grant contributed by SHAPE America, Dr. Yuanglong Liu and Dr. Suzan F. Ayers of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Western Michigan University, developed and implemented an objective analysis of the Play On! Program. Research results were overwhelmingly positive and indicated that Play On! was effective in promoting physical activity for children.

Research Findings:

  • 91% of teachers reported that playground use increased
  • 90% of teachers plan to use the program in the future
  • 100% rated the program 4-5 on a 5 point scale
  • 25% of parents participated in more family activity after the Play On! program was initiated
  • 100% of students reported having fun engaging in the activities
  • 90-100% of teachers reported that Play On! motivated students to participate in regular, enjoyable, physical activity in a safe and supervised environment

For more information on bringing the Play On! program to your facility, designing your playground to promote physical activity or becoming a national demonstration site,  please contact us.