School-Park Partnerships

Many districts lack adequate facilities for their community stakeholders to play and enjoy healthy physical activity. Gates may be “closed” to recreational facilities such as pools, playgrounds, fields, and gymnasiums after school hours because of concerns such as cost, liability, and vandalism. City, county, and town governments can partner with school districts to overcome these barriers, meet the needs of community members, and share costs and responsibilities. School park partnerships can open doors to new services, enhance current services, and maintain services threatened by loss.

Now more than ever, communities are searching for ways to bring more opportunities for play and recreation to the residents of their communities.  With schools and parks often some of the strongest advocates of play, they are often the most under‐resourced. School‐park partnerships can provide a solution to the people, programming, and funds to help support activities across communities.

This resource provides a case study example on joint partnership agreements between schools and parks, highlighting the success of the school‐park partnership with Springfield‐Greene County Park Board and Springfield Public Schools.