Pathways for Play

An Innovative Way to Bring Play to Nature

Although trails exist throughout our nation, it appears that a small minority of children and families are actually using them.  Pathways for Play, developed by our parent company, PlayCore,  in partnership with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, N.C. State University, provides and educational resource to help communities plan, design, and promote playful pathways to make them more attractive to children and families. New research supports how infusing play along trails or shared use paths, which can be located in parks, or along greenways, can dramatically increase the frequency and duration of pathway uses by children and families.

Attracting Children and Families

Pathways for Play provides best practice guidelines for upgrading existing or designing new systems that:

  • Extend play value
  • Enable health promotion
  • Create family fun
  • Expand inclusion
  • Engage users with nature
  • Reinforce environmental literacy

GameTime worked closely with experts from the Natural Learning Initiative and American Trails to create our Play Trails products, educational signage, and activity programs for communities to incorporate “play pockets” along trails and pathway networks.

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