Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design

Building Inclusive Communities

Inclusive playgrounds make a fundamental statement about how communities value meaningful play experiences for people of all ages and abilities.  We believe in creating play environments where everybody can play, focusing on both the physical and social aspects of inclusion and the development of the whole child.

Industry Leaders in Inclusive Play

Developed by our parent company, PlayCore, in partnership with Utah State University, Center for Persons with Disabilities, Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design is an educational design guide to assist communities with moving play environments beyond the minimum requirements for accessibility. These principles are based on the child’s perspective and have been tailored to what they want to feel and experience during outdoor play.  Our inclusive playgrounds intentionally provide opportunities for physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, and sensory development.  GameTime has set the industry standard in implementing these unique best practice principles and guidelines to create destination parks that are usable by more people, to the greatest extent possible. Our passion for inclusive play is infused through every aspect of our product development, programs, and playground designs to create truly inclusive and embracing play experiences for all.

7 Principles of Inclusive Play

Principle 1: Be Fair
Principle 2: Be Included
Principle 3: Be Smart
Principle 4: Be Independent
Principle 5: Be Safe
Principle 6: Be Active
Principle 7: Be Comfortable