ADA Checklist

Make Sure Your Playground is Compliant

The new ADA standards regarding the accessibility of public playgrounds in the United States went into effect March 15, 2012. These new ADA standards addressed routes, surfacing, ramps, access and transfer spaces, ground level activities and more.

The US Department of Justice is serious about ensuring the public playgrounds are accessible for all children. GameTime is serious about helping you ensure your playground is compliant.

Download our free ADA playground compliance checklist to make sure your playground is ready. Or contact your local representative to discuss a transition plan to bring your playground into compliance with the new ADA playground standards. Visit to read the full text of the ADA guidelines on accessibility.

The purpose of this GameTime ADA site is to raise awareness and provide education about some considerations to promote ADA compliance. It should not be considered all-encompassing. Providers are encouraged to read the Standards and seek additional information if necessary. Please refer to manufacturer specifications and safety warnings and continue to provide normal safety inspections.

Safety goes beyond these comments, requires common sense, and is specific to the playground involved. While the intent is to provide general resources for ADA compliance, PlayCore and all PlayCore companies disclaim any liability based on information contained on this site. PlayCore provides these comments as a public service in the interest of inclusion and compliance while advising of the restricted context in which they are given.