Preconfigured Play Systems

Mountain Climber

Shadow Tree Roofs provide comfortable shaded areas while allowing light to pass through and cast playful shadows below. Fun-L-Up crawl tubes connect the to sections of the play system and challenging new climbers like the Scramble Up, Ergo and Coral give children ages 5-12 lots of options to climb this mountain of fun!

Emerson Grove

Designed to look like a grove of trees, this play system features the Shadow Grove 3D Roof System and a fun internal deck climber for access to the play system. Once inside there are plenty of play activities to inspire a child's imagination. Swerve Slide and Double Zip Slides are fun ways to leave the forest.

Funnel Tunnel

Fun-L-Up Crawl Tubes take center stage on this exciting, new PowerScape 3D play system. The two-stage crawl tube ascension takes children to a 6' deck beneath a grouping of Shadow Tree Roofs. The 3D Funnel Bridge leads to the new Swerve Slide and Ergo Climber.


Named for the massive Magnolia trees that grow along the shores of the Cumberland River, this play system features the gorgeous new Shadow Tree Roofs, Coral Climber, Scramble Up Climber and Swerve Slide in a compact design that is perfect for schools, parks and other recreation areas.

Kinsley's Castle

Equipped with enough slides, climbers and ladders to keep the entire kingdom happy, this play system is destined to create play opportunities of historic proportion. Starting with the massive Shadow Tree Roofs over the hex deck that offers a great spot for children to gather, talk and plan their play time. The Coral Climber, Stego Climber, Internal Deck Climber and Spiral Climber await those who are ready to ascend the castle walls. Wrapped in PowerScape 3D panels and rails, this is a beautiful addition to any playground.

William's Landing

Ramped, accessible and loaded with nearly every new PowerScape 3D component available, this is a sprawling play system that offers the maximum play value and visual appeal. Features the new Triple Slide, Double Swerve Slide, GT Jams Musical Instruments, Scramble Up Climber, Under Deck Seating and much, much more.