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KidNetix Ropes Course

Net PlaygroundsThirty feet below was the forest floor. Overhead was the tree canopy, teeming with life as birds called out, alerting one another of our presence. Beyond the leaves and branches was the expanse of a clear, blue autumn sky that stretched beyond our reach and beyond our imaginations. We turned and looked across the rope bridge we just crossed. It was still swaying and gently bouncing as the last of our group joined us on the platform.

As we made our way down the platform and to the camp below, we knew we had to bring this sense of wonder to the playground. We had to help children develop leadership, teamwork and self confidence that comes from a ropes course adventure. We had to instill in them a desire to challenge themselves and to work together to achieve goals and develop trust. We had to create KidNetix Ropes Course Adventures because it was going to enrich childhood through play like nothing else.

KidNetix Ropes Course

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