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Playground Equipment by GameTime

Playground Grant

Up to 100% Matching Funds Playground Grant

To help your communities bring more play to children and families, GameTime has set aside significant playground grant funds toward the purchase of new playground systems. Through November 13, GameTime is offering up to 100% matching funds for new playground projects. Playground grant funds are available for PowerScape®, PrimeTime®, Xscape® and IONiX® play systems.

Apply now! Playground grant funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis and only for a limited time. Don't miss out!

Download Application

Click the Download button below to download the playground grant application. Once completed, scan and email your application to grant@gametime.com.


Online Application

Simple and easy. Fill out our online form and a member of our grant award committee will be in contact with you to discuss your playground grant funds available for your project.

Get Started

Playground Grant Application

Project Info

List contact info and address of your project.


Please provide a description of your organization, its goals, and why it should be considered for a grant.

Site Info

List specific info about the area in which the play equipment will be located


Budget Info:

List your actual contribution to the play equipment purchase only.

Equipment Choices:

Consult your GameTime catalog for complete product information and model numbers.

Rules and Limitations

GameTime playground grants can only be applied to additional GameTime purchases and only in conjunction with the original purchase. GameTime standard policies and warranties as listed in the 2016 GameTime Playground Design Guide apply. Freight and applicable sales tax are extra and not included. To qualify for a 100% matching grant, list price of the qualifying playground system must exceed $75,000 and payment in full must accompany your order. For play systems that require credit terms or for systems with a list price of less than $75,000, GameTime playground grants are available with matching funds ranging between 45-75%. Matching funds grant does not apply to freestanding components, GFRP, or GFRC. Please contact your local rep for pricing or call 800.235.2440. Matching funds are subject to rounding rules and may vary based on qualified purchase. No other offer, discount, or special programs can be used with this grant program. This special matching fund offer applies to PowerScape®, PrimeTime®, Xscape® and IONiX® systems only. All applications must be validated by the project administrator. GameTime reserves the right to decline any application for a GameTime grant. Orders accepted by GameTime must ship by December 31, 2016. This offer expires November 13, 2016.

With Our Playground Grant, You Can Build These

  • Model View

    Model View

  • Timbers


  • Up 'N Over

    Up 'N Over

  • Double Zip Slide

    Double Zip Slide

  • Model


  • Hanging Beam

    Hanging Beam

  • DNA Climber

    DNA Climber

  • Ring Link

    Ring Link

  • Model


  • System


  • Erratic Climber

    Erratic Climber

  • Shadow Play

    Shadow Play

  • Tri-Net-Climber