Our playgrounds are built for fun, inclusiveness, and to help build great communities.


Bringing communities together.

A great playground brings people together. Children of all ages find common ground with their parents and grandparents – and with families from different backgrounds or from different parts of a community. All united around their love of fun and of watching their children grow strong.

More fun, with a smaller environmental footprint.

We build playgrounds that last, reducing the need for maintenance or replacing parts. We also use recycled materials wherever possible without compromising performance – including 100% recycled aluminum, plastics, rubber and steel in our equipment, and 100% recycled packaging material in our shipping. We also design all of our products to be 100% recyclable, so they never end up in America’s landfills.

As responsible members of the manufacturing community and citizens of the planet, we work to increase our energy efficiency and reduce waste. As the first and only playground manufacturer to be a member of the US Green Building Council, we work with landscape architects, architects and designers to contribute products that meet the rigorous standards of its LEED rating system. We also carry ISO-14001 certification for our manufacturing facilities – ensuring quality, healthy and safety, and environmental management to internationally recognized standards.

Made in the USA, made for your community.

Not only is GameTime the world’s largest single-source manufacturer of playground equipment, we are also deeply committed to domestic manufacturing. We manufacture and assemble equipment components in our 400,000 square foot facility in Fort Payne, Alabama– helping keep people employed and creating quality American-made products.

But we are also committed to your community. GameTime’s nationwide network of representatives enables us to understand and meet the unique needs of your project. Because the representative who works with you on your playground project lives where you do, and is part of your community.