All of our research, engineering and product development are focused on developing the body, mind and imagination of every child.


Enriching childhood development.

The best play environments challenge children, hold their attention, and encourage free play – and give them opportunities to grow as their skills increase. We fund independent research with respected childhood development experts, conducting studies of children’s play behavior. In conjunction with the Dr. Joe Frost, Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas and Dr. Lou Bowers, Professor Emeritus at the University of South Florida, we set up a laboratory to study play equipment design.

This laboratory is changing the way that our industry and the communities we serve think about play – and it informs our product development, ensuring that we create products that enable children to develop skills while also having fun!

Fitness matters.

Play makes us strong. So we have collaborated with development and education expert Dr. Mary McCabe to create curriculum-based fitness systems that are helping America’s children develop good exercise habits. FitKid is the first ergonomically-designed fitness system to be integrated into existing physical education programs at public and private schools around the country.

Exercising creativity.

Play exercises our imagination – bringing us to new worlds and taking us to places we’ve never been, while also increase our love of the place we are. At its best, play encourages our children to know who they are and also builds creative connections with others – bringing people together and encouraging us to use the best of our imagination to create a better reality.

Play for all.

We also have a laboratory partnership with the Siskin Children’s Institute of Chattanooga, Tennessee – researching and developing products to benefit children and the families of children with special needs. Our special area of focus has been on children with hearing and speech challenges, those using mobility devices, and those with developmental, physical and emotional challenges.